Coal Tub Planter for the DRIFT CAFE

A customised Coal tub Planter for The Drift Cafe

We had the pleasure yesterday of delivering our customised COAL TUB PLANTER complete with authentic sleepers and rail mount to Duncan Lawrence and his wife, owners of the Drift Cafe in Cresswell. The planter is personalised with the name ' Blakemoor Drift' commemorating the old mine. They plan to display our customised planter in part of a new expansion plan outside the cafe which overlooks a beautiful beach in Cresswell, near Morpeth NE61 5LA. The cafe will  re-open again soon and is well worth a visit and maybe a paddle in the sea!

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Bowes Railway customised coal tub planters and wooden garden furniture are becoming very popular, if you would like more information or a free quotation contact : or call 0785 0916484

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