Santa visits Bowes Railway

Santa visits Bowes Railway on Saturday 2nd December 2017 (9.30am-5pm).

                  Children £13.  Adults £5.

Visit Santa in his magical grotto where all children receive a present, Christmas market, seasonal refreshments and entertainment with Tony Junior. 

On Saturday 18th November and in participation with Springwell Village, the Bowes Railway held a "steam punk" Winter market with traditional and alternative crafts, and suitably attired visitors.

Work going on around the site...

Volunteers from EE helped to "snowcem" the outside walls of the "kip & dish" cafe during September.

The little signalbox at the west end of the Springwell site does not see much activity these days, but the opportunity was taken to give it a good clean out by Rick and Les.
The lever frame controls the points leading to the platform line, the adjacent sidings and the back road which runs down to the wagon shop.
Our blacksmith has been hard at work creating this splendid "donations box" in the shape and form of Bowes Railway Barclay locomotive No22. It really does look the part although by virtue of its size it will take some filling!During October the lineside running up towards Blackham's Hill hauler house has been tidied up before the winter. The grass has been strimmed back and bushes trimmed. It certainly looks more presentable and cared for and the rope guide rollers visible again. A "Keep off the tracks" sign has been placed just beyond Springwell level crossing...time will tell if the locals take heed of it.