No 22 | 0-4-0 Saddle Tank

No 22 | 0-4-0 Saddle Tank

Scan0013This is the only steam locomotive bought new for Bowes Railway still to survive. She was built in 1949 by Andrew Barclay Sons and Co in Kilmarnock and carried the work number 2274.

With 14in. by 22in. cylinders and 3ft. 5in. wheels, this represents a standard design by the makers, Andrew Barclay Sons and Co. of Kilmarnock. In later years the design was updated in certain details, such as the shape of the cab windows, as on No 22.

No. 22 SignNCB No 6 (North West Durham) Area originally intended to send the loco to East Tanfield Colliery, near Stanley, but instead it was delivered new to Springwell Bank Foot shed on the Bowes Railway on 20th October 1949, becoming Bowes No 22. Subsequently, the loco was re-numbered No 85.

The loco worked on the eastern end of the line for over four years, and was then sent to East Tanfield Colliery in July 1954. It was loaned to the nearby Tanfield Lea Colliery in October and November 1957, and went there again in April 1958, before being sent to the Bowes Marley Hill shed in November 1959. Here the regular duty was as the pilot locomotive at Burnopfield Colliery until it closed in August 1968. When rail traffic ceased at Marley Hill in 1970 the loco was transferred to St. Anthony’s Tar Works in Newcastle upon Tyne. It did little work here, and none at all after 1973. In 1976 it was placed on loan to the Bowes Railway preservation scheme by the owners. Later, British Coal transferred ownership of the locomotive officially to the Bowes Railway Co. Ltd.

The locomotive has worked our passenger trains and proved to be very reliable. It has been overhauled several times at Springwell and repainted in the livery originally carried in 1963.